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One time opportunity to combine the best treatment with your clinic. the only original Exoderm peel safest methods. since 1985.

we opened the option to get our franchise to your own clinic exclusively to your own local area, includes our full continuance professional back up and training, join us as a full member of the chain of Exoderm International Medical Centers. The Exoderm I.M.C

Exoderm peel the original, The Best Non- surgery face and neck lift.
The only original peel over 39 years of practice, provided the original Exoderm method known to be the best deep chemical peel ever that is much safer with best and the longest lasting results more than any other regular deep phenol peels or any other type of chemical peels. with relative no risks and or any known associated lasting complications. The exopeel shrinks deep Acne Scars by 50-80% , remove facial wrinkles , spots, hyper-pigmentations, regenerate the skin, the elasticity, increases the level of the Collagen and the Elastin production about 80-90 % , results remains even for 20 years and even more, you can have another peel any time after 6 month or 30 years with no harm but only benefit from new regeneration for another long period as prevention or anti aging.
Exoderm peel is actually the only real natural anti aging treatment and the longest lasting prevention treatment so far.

The original peel is the only deep peel that can be done all over the neck area as well, just as the eyelids, that will prevent the droop of skin. regenerate any Loose or sagging skin. Can be done at any age from 18 – 80. after medical and blood tests to insure no risk or any contra indication.

Exoderm peel is changing lives,
Helps looking younger and to gain back your self-confidence. people who have aged wrinkled or skin damaged or simply wish to get preventive treatment can reverse the process and gain back their young good looking just as they actually feel , Exoderm peel is the best solution for men and women looking for youthful and attractive fresh appearance without any surgery nor changing your natural mimic unlike with surgical face lifts.
let us give you the appearance that you desire.

what is the original Exoderm peel ?
Face and neck Skin fully renewal – rejuvenation A complete non surgical Face and neck lift. in 8 days only.

Done in a complete different way than any other deep chemical peels or Laser unlike the regular phenol peels, Exoderm peel has the highest relative safeness and less or almost no risk involved but only when done by our original know-how and methods.

Since 1986 their were several fake Exoderm peels or Exoderm lift formulas distributed by some doctors that claimed to have the know how of our original method , however they never did , but only used several higher risked phenol based combinations on the base of try and error that eventually as we know did have too many complications even mortal ceases, scars , 3 degree burns and so on,

the fact is that our original method nor the formulas are not sold or given to any doctor or any distributor ! but only to our own trained doctors that got the franchise from us.

At the same time since 1985 we had no complication! that is almost unbelievable by most medical statistical aspect. Thanks to the fact that we teach and do the peels in the safest way, best patient selection and only by the book ! mixed with so many years of development and experience by very specific protocols just as we demand from each of our doctors and staff and even from our own patients regarding their after care.

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